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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results to increase revenue.

Why Is SEO Important?

Search Engine Optimization should be conisdered the DNA of your website and online presence. (SEO) is the art and skill of increasing the quantity and more importantly, the quality of traffic to your website organically from major search engines. Major search enginges include Google, Bing and Yahoo! that can give you prime real estate for keywords to attract customers without needing to pay for Ads.
Search Enginge Optimization (SEO) is not an easy appplication as their are many different strategies to achieve higher rankings and traffic. However, at Coast | Coast designs we dissect your entire website and your competitors to find the best way to Improve results as soon as possible. We propritize what needs the most attention based on Google’s criteria; whether that is link building, optimizing keywords, website redesign, creating relevent content, press coverage, creating and running PPC Campagins. Search engine algorithms change frequently and SEO tactics evolve rapidly and you want a team that stays in tune with them. Our bottom line is to grow with you and to increase your revenue.

What Makes Our SEO Strategies Work?

Coast | Coast Designgs Clients Love Our SEO Tactics Because We Offer Results 

Keyword Analysis & Competitor Research

Conisder searching and analyzing keywords as creating the blueprint for success of your online presence. By researching competitors we can find faults in their slections to maximize your potential return. When properly selecting keywords you then have a strategy on how to structre your website, hompeage, content, blogs, all the way down to the last item or product you sell.

Live Search Engine Report Rankings

As you had previously read you need to ranks as close as #1 to gather as much specific traffic for your desired keywords. We keep a live track of each of your target keywords to ensure we have the ideal SEO plan setup for you to succeed. We help develop you

Proper Link Building

After you have maximized the SEO on your own website, arguably the most important way to grow your presence is by link building. If high authority websites link to your business, search engines will increase your validity. However, it is not a number of links game anymore, but instead the quality of links.

Full Analytics Setup & Real Time Monitor

The only way to continually grow after implemanting an (SEO) strategy is to monitor your work, trends and growth progress. If you can’t evaluate your own keyword research, you’ll never know how good your results are or even or even if your efforts have been properly managed. Analytics provided by Google can help set benchmarks, allow you to figure out what works effectively and fix any potential problems before they multiple.

Strategy For Social Media

Google has recently solidified social media as a factor in their SEO rankings. Which makes sense, if people like your content or product then its represents positive feedback from the community. We help you formulate an effective social media campaign and help you grow your community.

Evaluate Keywords Research & Replace

SEO results are in real-time now and as you build the proper traffic you will discover new keywords and avenues for even better results. Keyword research never stops and should never be used just a single time. Every month you should evaluate the progress  and set a course of action for the upcoming months.

Starting The SEO Endeavor

At Coast | Coast Designgs our goal is to learn everything about your business in order to perform a thorough website audit. We will analyze your website and see what areas need to be dramtically improved. Don’t worry if you don’t have a website we will dissect your direct competition! 

#2 Meta & Title Tags, Serp Features & Indexing

This is where we implement all of the keyword research. We consider this the quickest way to optimize your website and start to see instant results in rankings as quick as possible. If executed properly can help jump start developing your target audience.


#4 Website Navigation

Making your website clean and easy as possible to navigate is important for search engines to quickly dissect and rank your keywords. Organization should not go overlooked with your website. Not only for SEO, but for your customers to ensure you convert them from visotrs to order numbers.


#6 Backlink review

Few people know the importantce of backlinks. Often overlooked becuase of their difficulty to obtain they are vital in the SEO world. We help create avenues for you to collect viable links that will help make the difference in your search engine rankings.

#1 Intense Keyword Research

Must define which keywords will benefit you the most while at the same times setting metrics that are achievable. These strategic keywords you select will help set up your website DNA.


#3 URL Road Map

No aspect can go overlooked. It is vital to execute every part of SEO that you can control on your end. Each URL on your website should contain real content that not only include your keywrods, but create a proper channel of allow search engines to crawl.

#5 A/B Split Testing

In order to excel in your SEO strategy it is vital to test different strategies to ensure the highest conversion ranking with your dedicated keywords. Once results are shown, it’s time to test those with new discoveries to continually give your business the chance to improve. Our goal is to keep your website in a forward motion to cotinually improving. 

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