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Word Press Powers Over 30% Of The World's Websites

WordPress websites are considered the most user friendly and SEO driven platform on the market. Easily design your business for desktop, tablet and phone to adapt to all users. 

Cross Platform Responsiveness

Times have changed and majority of internet users are found on the go. Mobile users now account for over 64% of the traffic flow and that trend will continue to rise. Your business success depends on how well your website looks across mobile and tablet. Search enginges now rank you based on how responsive your website works across all devices. Let WordPress easily allow your users to interact and find your website.


At Coast | Coast Designs we work with you to ensure your website receives all of the necessary features to pass Googles responsiveness tests. Its important to excel in all of the features you can control. We want every visitor to your website whether on mobile or desktop, to navigate freely and to accomplish why they are on your website. Creating an easily flowing website is crucial to lowering your bounce rate which in turn helps you rank better.

WordPress is the #1 Platform

WordPress is content oriented and easy to use, which is why they are still the most popular platform for building websites. With a user-friendly backend making it easy to modify and make quick changes without the need of technical support. At Coast | Coast desings we will walk you through how to use your new website for landing pages, content, and social media integration. Our goal is to help bridge the gap and make it easy for you to understand and make changes on the fly. We put the confidence and power in your hands to control your website.

WordPress is Cost Effectvie

Creating a website presence can be a big investment for a start up or even an established business. Many new user friendly platforms like Wix and Shopify charge monthly fee’s that may seem cheap at first, until they add up. And the moment you stop paying they take your entire website away. WordPress offers extremely low cost start up fee’s and you own the rights to your work. WordPress offers over 40,000 plugins (most free) which can add any type of functionality to your website you could ever need. Your website should never feel like its being held hostage on retainer.

WordPress & SEO Go Hand In Hand

At Coast | Coast designs when we build your WordPress website we build it with SEO in the forefront. We include vital SEO plugins offered only by WordPress to ensure your website is as SEO friendly as possible. We include keyword research, site mapping and on page content optimization to ensure you get the most out of your WordPress website. We don’t only do this for you, but teach you the tactics needed on a daily basis to ensure positive results in the future.

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